Liars and the Lake of Fire

fire1Rev. 21:8 “ . . . . all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone . . . ”
Wow, those are pretty scary words. Honesty and integrity are vital with having a relationship with God and other people. God is opposed to the proud and those that are dishonest and continually lie and take advantage of others. Have you ever felt let down and hurt when someone you trust, bald face lies to you and steals from you and cheats you out of what is yours. Doesn’t it “Fry your Taters” as my wife says.  It is not what you lost that hurts so much, as it is the fact that someone your trusted took advantage of your trust in them. If you are an honest person, you tend to see other people as honest.
When we habitually lie, the scriptures tell us, “we become seared in their own consciences as with a branding iron”  in other words we become hard hearted and it doesn’t bother us to lie, cheat, steal, and hurt people, because our consciences no longer works. There is one thing to remember after you have been hurt, defrauded and lied to, and that is, it is much better being the person that was lied too, than the person that is the liar.  Our prayer for these people is that they would repent and get their life right with God.


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