Monthly Potluck Dinner


Monthly Potluck at Saguaro Buttes

One of  our popular Sunday Services are our Monthly Potluck dinners Sundays. We have some wonderful cooks in the congregation and it is a real joy to try a few of their favorite dishes.The Potlucks are usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

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Prayer for our Serviceman

img_9705We had a special time of prayer at the end of our Sunday Morning Worship service at Saguaro Buttes on October 29th. 2011 as one of our young people,

Tray, was enlisting in the Air Force and his report date for Basic Training was Nov. 1st.  We asked all prior and current military personnel to lay their hands on Tray and had special prayer for him.  We will miss him, and hope to see him soon when he comes back on Leave. Continue to pray for Tray as he begins his


service in the Air Force.

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Oasis and Saguaro Buttes

img_50922Oasis Church and Saguaro Buttes Community Church have combined our services on Sunday Morning for a period of time while Oasis is finishing building out their new facilities on Tanque Verde and Bear Canyon Road. This last Sunday we had services set up for  a wonderful Potluck dinner that followed the morning Message.

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Recent Baptism

p1250111Tyla was baptized into Christ on May 22nd at Saguaro Buttes by Pastor Dave with family and friends surrounding her. p1250103

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Marriage Enrichment Seminar

p1180616Dr. David McSpadden from Iowa recently held a “Marriage Enrichment Seminar”  on February 27, 2011 at Saguaro Buttes that was sponsored by Saguaro Buttes with about 30 couples in attendance.  It was a 3 hour seminar that covered various topics, concerning love and marriage. He also did a panel discussion that was a lot of fun with three different couples fielding quesitons. We hope to be able to provide 4 of these Errichment seminars a year to help couples in their relationships. If you are interested in future seminars, send us your name and email address and we will keep you posted.

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Liars and the Lake of Fire

fire1Rev. 21:8 “ . . . . all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone . . . ”
Wow, those are pretty scary words. Honesty and integrity are vital with having a relationship with God and other people. God is opposed to the proud and those that are dishonest and continually lie and take advantage of others. Have you ever felt let down and hurt when someone you trust, bald face lies to you and steals from you and cheats you out of what is yours. Doesn’t it “Fry your Taters” as my wife says.  It is not what you lost that hurts so much, as it is the fact that someone your trusted took advantage of your trust in them. If you are an honest person, you tend to see other people as honest.
When we habitually lie, the scriptures tell us, “we become seared in their own consciences as with a branding iron”  in other words we become hard hearted and it doesn’t bother us to lie, cheat, steal, and hurt people, because our consciences no longer works. There is one thing to remember after you have been hurt, defrauded and lied to, and that is, it is much better being the person that was lied too, than the person that is the liar.  Our prayer for these people is that they would repent and get their life right with God.


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Boy Scouts meeting on Monday Night

p1080582The Boy Scouts are currently meeting on Monday nights at 7:00 PM at Saguaro Buttes.  Jack Arnold is their troop leader and they recently had “Honor Badges” presented to those who have recently received them. If you are interested in joining this group please contact Jack at 256-2264.

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Youth Group Tuesday Nights

p1080586On Tuesday Nights from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Saguaro Buttes the youth group meets for a Bible Study and then games and refreshments. Tim Hallstrom is leading the group and all are welcome. For more information call Tim at 661-8584.

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New Sermon Series “The Book of Romans”

book_of_romansWithout a doubt one of the most important books in the Bible is the Book of Romans written by the Apostle Paul. Beginning September 26th, we begin a sermon series presented by Pastor Dave which will examine, verse by verse, this very vital book for the Christian Faith.

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Michelle Spooner Baptism

Michelle Spooner was baptized into Christ on September 19, 2010 after the Sunday morning services. Her family and church members were present to witness her immersion into Christ, and it was followed by a prayer circle and lots of hugs.

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